The Eco Farm

The estate stretches along a hillside overlooking the weaving coastline of Eastern Peloponnese, and occupies an area of around 10 acres. It starts from the Isthmus-Epidaurus National Road and covers the hill amphitheatrically, all the way to the small local meadow. Intoxicating fragrances rise from the blooming orange and lemon groves stretching below it, down to the Saronic Gulf. The verdant Mount Akros is located on the rear part of the estate, covered by a dense pine tree forest. The estate is located around 400 meters (450 yards) from the beach; an ideal distance to feel the sea breeze, without the annoying sounds of beachgoers. Organically farmed olive trees, orange trees, lemon trees, fig trees, peach trees and many other fruit trees form part of the estate, which also includes a vegetable garden with a wide array of vegetables all year round. The estate is conveniently located close to some very interesting monuments, beaches and cultural centers, yet secluded enough to offer peace and quiet. The surrounding natural environment renders your stay not just relaxing, but an experience of a lifetime.