The climate


Physical/geographical factors make this area’s climate particularly pleasant, mild and sweet. The area is considered by many to have the best climate combination in the Greek peninsula.
The weather in Epidaurus is quite mild year round, making it one of the most popular holiday destinations for every season. In the summer, the weather is very pleasant and sunny, while winters are mild, with occasional showers. The temperature remains mild and pleasant for most of months during the year. Especially from mid-March until around the end of November, the average daytime temperature ranges between 20-25 degrees. The seacoast area of new Epidaurus is highly sheltered during the winter – a typical example is that the most susceptible varieties of citrus thrive with no need of using any artificial means of protection. During  summer, the pleasant sensation of the summer sun is perfectly combined with the cool breeze of the hours before noon, along with the sea breeze of the Gregale (NE wind); while the Sirocco (SE wind) makes afternoons and evenings especially cool, so that air-conditions are of no need and used only on specific days throughout the year.
Throughout the spring and autumn months, the climate is particularly pleasant. The temperature during summer is around 33ºC while during the winter it falls to 10ºC. The Mediterranean climate favors outdoor activities, especially swimming, which is enjoyable either during the summer or at the end of spring and autumn.