The church of Agia Marina at Lygourio


A post-Byzantine church which belongs to the type of simple four-column cruciform, with octagonal dome. The four central columns and capitals were actually taken from the antiquities of the Asclepion. According to the inscription on the iconostasis above the Great Gate, the church was completed in 1713. The iconostasis and part of the church have been painted. The painting of the church may not have been completed due to the events of 1715 (beginning of the Second Ottoman Empire). Frescoes have been preserved in the iconostasis, the North and South side of the nave and the Sanctuary. The painter must have had a fondness for plants and geometric designs, which were stylised though. The same goes for the forms that are distinguished for their bright faces and kind features.



Ναός Αγίας Μαρίνας στο Λυγουριό